A Sneak Peak at ATOMIC 50

Images (left) Soraya Gilanni Viljoen and (right) Hong Di / Studio Lux

ATOMIC 50 will take us on a journey through different times and places, teaching us about metalworking from the past, present and future. Working with renowned artist Abigail Conway and her team, we will transform a disused school building into a magical and interactive ghost factory. Here is a sneak peak at the different rooms and what you can expect from ATOMIC 50…

Meet the traditional tinsmith at his shed and be set to work on your ATOMIC 50 tin badge using basic hand tools.

Jump forward in time to the mechanical room where mass production and purpose-built machinery are used to create a tin trumpet, where you learn how to roll sheet metal and fasten it together.

Take a seat in our domestic dining room, reflect on where tin is used in our daily lives and what it means to make useful and beautiful things with our hands. Then record your messages for a tin-working future to the next generation, and hang your trumpet in the singing sculpture to amplify your message.

Tickets on sale now!