Blackhorse Responders

Blackhorse Responders is a group of 16-25 year olds from Walthamstow with a passion for applying creativity to build community.

Through 6 months of WEEKLY online workshops, Responders will gain access to some of the most exciting brains in London and projects worldwide, supporting them to create ideas for their own social movement.


London’s citizens are facing mounting pressures from crime, discrimination, environmental crises and debt. How can our frustration inspire creative activism, what form should this take, and where should these responses be heard? How can young people respond to their surroundings in innovative, thoughtful, and creative ways?


Due to Coronavirus, Blackhorse Responders has gone online. We’re now working with our Responders to set weekly tasks which will be featured on our blog.


Blackhorse Responders runs for 6 months from Thursday 5th March 2020 – Thursday 23rd July 2020.


Instagram: @blackhorse.responders

Freelance Creative Facilitator