Level Beginners
Skills you'll learn Brazing, soldering, working with different metals
Duration 1 x evening, 7 - 9.30pm
Wednesday 13 November, 2019
Price: £60   Book


Join expert metalworker Rob Fawcett for an evening masterclass in brazing and soldering metal.

In this one-off class you will be introduced to specialist metalwork equipment that will enable you to join pieces of steel stock using brazing and soldering. Using a filler metal, such as a brass-silver alloy, you will heat and melt this material, forming a join between two pieces of metal. Practice notching (shaping a tube joint) to ensure the two pieces fit together before brazing or soldering.

Unlike welding, these processes do not involve melting the piece itself, but the joining filler metal which has a lower melting point. This means that the structure of the steel is not compromised and the metal remains strong and durable.

You will have the opportunity to practice these techniques that can be used to make bike frames, furniture and all kinds of metalwork projects.


Please note that refunds and/or changes to ticket date are available up to 7 days before the class.