I would like to get something made, can someone at Blackhorse do this for me?

Although we don’t offer this as a service, our technicians may be happy to take a private commission. Alternatively, you can contact members on our Workshop Directory or try the Open Workshop Network.

When is the next induction/course?

You can find all the upcoming dates for inductions on the Joining page, course information can be found on the Courses page. You can also subscribe to our mailing list for updates on all our activities and upcoming courses.

Can I change my course / induction ticket to another date?

Yes, you can change your course or induction date up to 7 days before the course or induction start date.

Do I have to do an induction before a course?

No, you do not need to complete an induction before a course. You do need to complete an induction before buying membership/using the workshop during opening times.

I’ve done a course, do I still need to do an induction?

Yes, this is because most of our courses do not cover all health and safety for solo working. It is an insurance requirement.

I want to do the Level 2 wood induction straight away, is this possible?

No, you must have done Level 1 first followed by three full days using the workshop. Level 2 is held once a month subject to demand.

I’m a professional, do I still need an induction?

Yes, all members need to complete an induction to comply with our insurance and health and safety policy.

Can my child attend a course/induction?

We do run kids courses (see Courses page). Minors under 15 years old may attend an induction and buy membership but must have a ticket-paying, inducted adult attending and all machinery done by the adult. Those aged 15 – 18 may attend the Level 1 induction but must use the chop-saw under technician supervision.

Can I bring my own tools?

You may bring your own tools. If you would like to use your own power tools you must be able to show you have your own public liability insurance or a valid PAT test for each item. We can PAT test items in the workshop at a cost of £2.50 per tool.

Please notify us in advance.

I’ve done my induction - How do I book a bench?

You can book by phoning Reception up to a week in advance 0208 531 1612 or by emailing info@blackhorseworkshop.co.uk

Can I bring someone to help me / other people?

Yes, as long as they have also been inducted. The cost of membership is per person so they would also have to pay if they are assisting you, even if you are sharing a bench.

Can I park / unload / load?

We have parking available but spaces are limited and operate on a first come first served. Parking is not allowed on the driveway unless you are momentarily loading or unloading.

Can I get materials delivered and where can I put them?
Yes, you can order materials to be delivered to the workshop. Please ensure you are here to unload and that there will be enough space to store them here at the workshop. If unsure please speak to a staff member.