‘I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few…’ William Morris


Blackhorse members Lola Lely and Laura Anderson have just been announced as the William Morris Gallery’s artists in residence for 2018. Lola, a multi-disciplinary designer/maker with a particular interest in using plants and other natural materials and Laura, a sculptor and professional woodcarver share a studio at the workshop. Laura has also recently started a Woodcarving for Beginners course at Blackhorse.

It was perhaps inevitable that a collaboration between the artists was on the cards. The joint residency came about when Laura and Lola’s use of traditional techniques shared a similar working process to the practices of William Morris. This unique opportunity will bring together their respective skills in design, textiles, woodcarving, drawing and modelling in new ways.



They will engage with the public with workshops and demonstrations that will celebrate the work and influence of William Morris but with a contemporary and local focus.

“Using the extensive archive collection of woodblocks, tapestries, textiles, stained glass and wallpapers as a starting point, we will experiment with different ways of using traditional processes – including carving, painting, casting and glasswork – to create a new set of handmade Morris-inspired designs in colours and objects which reflect something of the vibrant community of Walthamstow today.”

We look forward to following their journey over the coming months and sharing more details.