Even if you’re a professional, we’ll need everyone to complete a series of inductions before using the workshop machinery to meet health and safety requirements.

Please note that refunds or changes to ticket date are only available up to one week before the date of induction.

Under 18’s using the workshop:
Young people under 15 must be accompanied by an adult (who must have completed the induction), and all machinery done by them. Those users aged 15-18 are able to use the lower risk machinery items after completing the induction, excluding the chopsaw which must be used under technician supervision.

Induction #1: Fridays & Saturdays, 10am – 12.30pm, £15.00
Learn how to use our chopsaw, bandsaw, pillar drill & disc sander.


Saturday 6th August – Click to book

Sunday 21st August – Women Only inductionClick to book

Saturday 27th August – Click to book

Induction #2: Sundays once a month, 1 – 6pm, £50.00
Learn how to use our table saw, planer & thicknesser.
For those that have completed Induction #1 and have proved their competence with the chop saw, bandsaw & pillar drill for at least 3 days in the workshop, we offer a full day’s training for using the table saw, thicknesser & planer. There is a charge for this to cover staff costs. Even if you have used these machines before we still need you to complete the induction, so we can feel confident that you won’t lose any fingers!


Sunday 28th August

Sunday 25th September

To book a place please email with the date you wish to attend.



All Levels: £40.00, 3 hours – days vary – please see below for the next available dates
An introduction into the use of key metalwork machinery and equipment specific to our workshop and the use of the MIG and Metal Arc Welders. Covers the correct and safe use of PPE and the welding area. 

MIG welder basic maintenance  & troubleshooting which includes:
– Turning on the gas safely and setting the right pressure.
– Turning off the gas and resuming all settings for the next user.
– Adjustment of welding settings.
– Rethreading of MIG welding wire

Manual Metal Arc welding which includes:
– Correct adjustment of the Arc/TIG welder

Metal workshop usage which includes safe use of:
– chop saw including setting up for mitre cutting
– metal bandsaw
– linisher
– pillar drill and correct use of vices and clamps
– box and pan folder
– metal sheet roller
– angle grinder and correct use of cutter discs, grinding discs and linishers


Tuesday 9th August – Click to book

Tuesday 23rd August – Click to book

Tuesday 6th September – Click to book


Drop us an email to with any questions.