Doors of Perception

POST_Rowan Allen with door

After months of mastering enough joints in perspective to send you into a carpentry frenzy, artist Roan Allen has completed his piece “The Image of a Door” that features in the group show ‘Force of Nature‘ at the Menier Gallery down in Borough, so if you’re down that way – be sure to pop in.


Final Call for London Design Festival

Makers playground_homepage

Exciting planning is underway in preparation for our week long showcase and series of events during this year’s London Design Festival. And if you haven’t got your proposal in yet, then you’ve still got a week to go – so shrug off the wet weekend and get your thinking cap on. Click here for all the details.

The Xylophone Sessions

POST_Xylophone 03

Frankly you can’t get much better than seeing as happy a face as this! We had a great time at the Barbican’s Walthamstow Garden Party this weekend. Camping out in the Useful & Beautiful tent with the help of a band of volunteers we  helped 200 kids make xylophones, made from American Oak with a steel powder coated handle.

POST_Useful & Beautiful signage

Giant A-Board Signage made at Blackhorse HQ by sign writer Sean Thomas, using a William Morris inspired pattern with a fluro edge!

POST_Xylophone 02

And as evidenced by the number of adults making them too – xylophones aren’t just for kids! Everyone who passed stopped for a quick scrape of the keys!

POST_Xylophone 04

And if you missed out, then don’t worry. Due to popular demand we’ll be making them again at our next market day : Saturday 1st August, 2 – 5pm.

POST_Xylophone 05

Flotsam at Selfridges

POST_Flotsam _Nick fixing

For the past month, Nick Wood from How About Studio has been camped out amongst thousands of water bottles, fresh from the  discarded bins of Heathrow’s security gates. Out of this volume of plastic, he’s been busy making a stunning installation for Selfidges’ Ultra Lounge.

POST_SFlotssam 03

Framing the entrance to an exhibition called Project Ocean, the design aims to challenge the romantic notion of swimming in clear blue waters. instead bringing to the surface the real issue of plastic collecting in our seas.

POST_Flotsam_hands fixing above

Brave oxford street and take a dip of a different kind. Find out more about the project from the  How About Studio website.



Post Graduate

POST_Lucia Garcia Sarus Clothes Rail

We’re really pleased to welcome an impressive selection of recent graduates to our creative business start up units on the first floor. Plugging that painful gap of the sudden loss of access to facilities after college, we offer a space to continue making and prototype designs without the full cost of setting up a workshop. Bingo!

POST Herb Palmer

Featured here, are works by Lua Garcia (top) Herb Palmer, Yuxi Sun and Jordan Soderberg Mills (bottom) – & we’re looking forward to seeing how their new collections develop. As always there’s an interesting story behind the work. Yuxi Sun’s jewellery collection below titled ‘62 pendants…62 stories..The Diary of a Couchsurfing Host‘ is made up of 62 individual pieces each based on the experiences she’s shared with guests who have stayed at her home.

POST_Yuxi Jewellery

And Jordan Soderberg Mill’s stunning tables below are light responsive, creating shifting patterns made purely of light and colour. Any object you place on the tables creates a 2-colour off-set reflection, working with opposites on the colour wheel. They will have you mesmerised by the surface texture for hours!

POST_Jordan 01

We have a couple of studio units coming available in the next month, so if you’re interested drop us a line at 

Cargo Collective

POST_ Simon Cargo Bike

There’s been some entrepreneurial spirit hitting the metalworkshop this week. Simon, Matyas and Camaro who met over a welding course, have taken it into their own hands to revolutionise the Cargo Bike to create a more affordable version than currently available on the open market.

POST_Cargo bike 02

Using reclaimed bike parts, this is definitely a project shaping up. Looking forward to seeing it roll into action…..

Melody Maker


Nice to see a bit of musical instrument making happening at the workshop last week. Local taxi driver & specialist violin maker Ismail has been busy making some violin bases. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished pieces!

Violin 03

And don’t forget, there’s also the Drummond & Hammett Cigar Box Guitar Making Workshop happening later this month. Click here for more details.


POST_Headless Horseman 01

Don’t forget to join us this Saturday 30th May (7pm – late) as the Headless Horseman  returns to select his new head. There have been some crazy entries! We’ll be celebrating the launch of this exhibition as part of this years E17 Arts Trail. Arrive 7pm sharp to witness the performance! All welcome.

POST_Beard Making
POST_Headless Horseman 04

Sawn Plane

POST_Planking 02

Great to see this reclaimed London Plane tree be sawn down into wooden planks yesterday. A mobile saw mill spent the day preparing the logs ready for drying and eventually in a year’s time they’ll be ready for use.

POST_Planking 03

It’s amazing seeing the history of London through the tree itself. Bits of wartime shrapnel kept appearing through the trunk – from bomb blasts and all sorts.

POST_Planking 04

So only a year to wait for this beautiful seasoned hardwood (if only it kept that fantastic red!), but there is more to come, so eventually there will be an onsite supply ready for your next furniture creations!