DIY Drawer Rescue

Gilbert Drawer

Gilbert shows off his revamped drawer that he shortened and added a new lining. If you’ve got something you want fixing up drop in and tell us about it, and we’ll show you how to go about mending it yourself, or for an agreed fee fix it up for you.

And the Making Begins…

Post 1_metal cutting

The machines kicked into action this week as our members got to work on building furniture, upholstery projects, motorbike frame building, and fashioning jewellery…

Post 1_Rob Metalwork


Post 1_furniture upholstery

We also began our introductory courses, starting up with Metalwork Basics #1 and tackling the art of basic welding. Running over 3 evenings, we’ll be making an industrial style steel tool cabinet. If you’re interested in signing up, the course runs again in March, with further dates announced soon.

Post 1_welding