A Secret Revelation

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It’s about this time of year that the strange builds start to take shape at the workshop. In the last couple of weeks there has been the emergence of some amazing structures destined for festival fields across the country. Pictured here are two made for the recent Secret Garden Party Festival. On a science fiction theme Wilson Palmer built a rocket Sci-Fi library, whilst Pennie Dawes & Josh Lisle built a Geo-Alien.

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POST_Penny Dawes SG2
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So if you’re ever in need….you know the people to call! Check out penniedawes.com and wilsonpalmer.co.uk.

Join the W-Crew

POST_Workshop Manager

We’re expanding the team to create a brand new dedicated role to manage the wood, metalwork and yard areas of the workshop. Got prior experience of managing a shared workshop or working in one? Then this might be the role for you. Love a system? Then we want to hear from you. Find out all the details here.  Deadline Friday 26th August.

Photo (c) Boya Latumahina

Telling Tales

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The Show & Tell sessions are back next Thursday 21st July, this time presenting the work of two members: french multi disciplinary designer Yesenia Thibault Picazo who will be discussing her work as part of the Soil LAB projectan art and science programme launched by the Domaine Départemental de Chamarande, and Lola Lely who will be telling us about the Art Caravan Project she undertook with the British Council in Safi, Morocco working with local women to teach them the craft of shibori fabric manipulation and indigo dyeing.


So come down and join us for an informal evening,hear their tales and be inspired. Starting from 6pm. Details of all our events can be found here. 

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Workshop Women

POST_Workshop Women

We understand that in a male dominated industry, being in a workshop as a woman can feel more than a little daunting, especially if you’re just getting started – or don’t feel entirely confident yet. Yet the idea of the open workshop movement is that they should be places of empowerment. At Blackhorse we’re keen to eliminate those fears, and create an environment that feels there’s no judgement or prejudice whatever your skills. So in response to your feedback, we’ve introduced a brand new Women’s Only Induction. The first scheduled date sold out in less than a day, so we’ve booked in another in August. Interested? Click here to book.

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There seems to be an encouraging new focus to address the gender imbalance across the sector. This week we discovered the fantastic new initiative Women Who set up by Otegha Uwagba – a new network for creative working women. Also opening up  discussion is Clare Cunningham, director of Faberdashery, who leads a talk at Fab Lab London on the 28th July about why the imbalance is still an issue and just what we can do to shift it.

Meet Your Makers

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We’re pleased to say we’ve just launched our brand new Members Directory showcasing members based in our studios or who are regular users of the space. Accessible from the main navigation bar, this new resource introduces each business, presenting a background to what they do, their design practice and how you can get in touch. Click here to view everyone and delve into the pool of creative design…

POST_Members Herb & Thom

Flick the Switch


Flick the switch – we’re turning into a cinema for the night next Friday 8th July. Teaming up with local film legends Stow Film Lounge to host a very special screening of Edena film all about 90s club culture in Paris, featuring a soundtrack of beats from Daft Punk and Frankie Knuckles. Click here to snap up your tickets.

Saturday Spanners


Thanks to everyone who came down on Saturday night for another Spanner in the Works gig. Great performances from Firestations and Halfpenny Pass, not to mention a fantastic line in spanner glitter balls made by set designer Rebecca Phillips! Free this Wednesday? Join us for our first  Show & Tell evening with member Hannah Schmidt & Toby Poolman as they discuss building a giant dust machine in the Tankwa Karoo Desert. All welcome.  For all details of upcoming events, click here.

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Spanner in the Works_HOME

It’s nearly here! Join us tomorrow as Spanner in the Works returns to present another night of music with live music from bands Fire Stations and Halfpenny Pass. So plenty of Tools, Treats and Tunes – enough said!  Free for members, £5 for anyone else who fancies it!

Nature Lab at Design Miami Basel

A Future Made_MH

There’s an interesting selection of makers at Design Miami Basel this week as part of the Craft Council‘s showcase: ‘Nature Lab’. And a rather nice short film you can watch, talking to the 6 selected makers on show about the creation of their elemental objects inspired by the natural world. One of those featured is our member Marlene Huissoud talking about her father’s 600 hive bee keeping operation and the beauty of the natural world. Click here to watch. Amazing.

Beirut Design Week

POST_Plastics 03

Further experimentation – this time happening as part of Beirut Design Week as Seetal Solanki, our resident materials expert delivered a bio-plastics cooking workshop, exploring how plastics can be made from simple cooking ingredients such as tapioca flour, corn starch, vinegar, water and oil. Highlighting the potential for making sustainable plastics from waste materials, the session provided an insight into bio-factoring and how to create with the circular economy in mind.


Designers exhibiting as part of the Design Week were responding to the theme of Growing Sustainably, and the garbage crisis the country is facing. The lack of landfills means that there is an increased abundance of waste materials. Local designers are now using wood glue, plastic bags and fruit leather amongst other materials to create products that relate to their environment and surroundings.

POST_Cedar ENV Platsic Bag Furniture

Pictured above are some furniture pieces made by local designers from plastic created from 3600 waste plastic bags. If you’re interested in new forms of plastic in general, its worth checking out preciousplastic.com. Seetal will be curating a programme of talks and workshops in September to launch the British Council’s Maker Library here at Blackhorse Workshop.