“Pop-Up to Grown Up?” Matzine Debate


London. The fast-paced city, full of renowned historical architecture to architecture that is every changing.  The editors of the radical architecture publication Matzine will be opening up a discussion on Wed 6th Dec about the views of temporary use and the long-term effects that the current ‘pop-up’ culture has had in cities over the recent years.


“From temporary cinemas to community gardens, to retail mini cities of stacked containers, out cities have seen an influx of projects that make use of temporary spaces. What do these short-term projects serve? Are they ever in the public benefit? Could we make better use of vacant spaces in the city? And what is left behind once they disappear?”

In debate, we’ll look at the bigger picture and consider the challenges that face those trying to increase community pride, mutual values and encourage perpetuation. The debate and themes that spin-off from it will go on to be the content for Matine’s 14th edition.


Our panel for the evening includes:

Dr Olivia Horsfall Turner
Senior Curator Designs V&A + RIBA Architecture Partnership Lead Curator
Tim Abrahams
Curator of the ‘Style: In Defence of… talks at the Sir John Soane’s Museum
Dr Crystal Bennes
Artist, Writer and Curator
Eddie Blake
Architect at Sam Jacob Studio
Lee Ivett
Director of Baxendale

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