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We understand that in a male dominated industry, being in a workshop as a woman can feel more than a little daunting, especially if you’re just getting started – or don’t feel entirely confident yet. Yet the idea of the open workshop movement is that they should be places of empowerment. At Blackhorse we’re keen to eliminate those fears, and create an environment that feels there’s no judgement or prejudice whatever your skills. So in response to your feedback, we’ve introduced a brand new Women’s Only Induction. The first scheduled date sold out in less than a day, so we’ve booked in another in August. Interested? Click here to book.

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There seems to be an encouraging new focus to address the gender imbalance across the sector. This week we discovered the fantastic new initiative Women Who set up by Otegha Uwagba – a new network for creative working women. Also opening up  discussion is Clare Cunningham, director of Faberdashery, who leads a talk at Fab Lab London on the 28th July about why the imbalance is still an issue and just what we can do to shift it.