Our Impact

Looking back over the last five years of the workshop (2014-2019), we’ve produced a report to celebrate and demonstrate the substantial impact it has had in terms of increasing the numbers working in the creative industries, the teaching of hands on making skills, and in building networks and a stronger sense of community.

For us the driving forces behind the space remain clear and more necessary than ever:

How we can best support people to make a living in this city through doing what they love?
How can we open up the wellbeing benefits of making to a wider audience?
How can we improve our sense of community by bringing people together?

This report provides a snapshot of the social value and impact Blackhorse Workshop has so successfully achieved through presenting a mix of case studies of our members, details of our educational activities and partnerships, and charting the history of the project’s growth.

Download a full copy of the 5 year report here: