Blackhorse Responders


Blackhorse Responders are a group of 16-25 year olds from Walthamstow with a passion for applying creativity to build community. 

Film by Joyce Nicholls and Daisy Gaston


It’s 5 months of free WEEKLY workshops, where Responders gain access to some of the most exciting brains in London and projects worldwide, supporting them to create ideas for their own social movement. Responders learn essential skills in design, making and activism to apply them in their community, and receive a small stipend to support transport costs.


London’s citizens are facing mounting pressures from crime, discrimination, environmental crises and debt. Our young people are some of the most deeply affected by the Covid-19 world crisis. How can our frustration inspire creative activism – what form should this take, and where should these responses be heard? How can young people respond to their surroundings in innovative, thoughtful, and creative ways?


Blackhorse Responders is a blend of learning practical skills, building community, and getting connected to the incredible creative energy our city has to offer. In 2020-21 we’ve had a number of guests both virtual and face-to-face speak to our Responders, and run live workshops:


Meetings take place at Blackhorse Workshop.


We began the next group of Blackhorse Responders in March 2022. If you are interested in being a guest creative, or would like to become a Responder next time, you can send Xenia an email with any questions:




Instagram: @blackhorse.responders

Online Zines:

Blackhorse Responders Zine – Spring / Summer 2020

Blackhorse Responders Zine – Autumn / Winter 2020/21

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