Hand Tools Induction

Level Beginners
Skills you'll learn key woodworking hand tools
Duration 2.5 hours, 10am - 12.30pm
Saturday 14 August, 2021
Price: £30.00   Book

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This brand-new introductory session will get you using key hand tools vital to any woodworker that will give you a ‘feel’ for the material. Through practical exercises and technical demonstrations, you’ll explore key processes such as marking out, sawing, chiselling, planing and shaping / finishing your timber. You’ll also gain an insight into how to select the right tool for the job. Whether this is a refresher or the first steps on your new woodworking adventure, this session is a great confidence builder, providing participants with a good grounding in the basics.

You’ll learn the correct tools to use for marking out, from the steel ruler to the sliding bevel, the difference between the coping saw and tenon saw, the jack plane and block plane, It also covers how to safely use a wooden mallet and bevel-edged chisel and the right shaping tools and abrasives needed to achieve the best finish.

In a friendly environment, and with ongoing support available from our dedicated Programme technician this first session will enable you to come back as a member of the workshop.

After completing this induction, a great way to practice your new skills is to book a bench and pick up the ‘Hand Tools Skills Kit’, on sale at the workshop. This specially designed kit has been created by our technical team to accompany the induction and comes with pre-cut timber and easy to follow instructions to build your own coffee table / magazine or record rack.

Following current Covid guidelines, we require all participants to wear a mask in the workshop and adhere to social distancing, with respect to other users. Participants are limited to 6 people per session.

Please arrive on time. Attendees arriving 10 minutes after start time will not be admitted.

Please note that refunds and/or changes to ticket date are available up to 1 week before induction date.