Online: Christmas Woodcarving + Print with Home Kit

Polar Bear
Level: Beginners & Experienced
What you’ll make: A carved wooden block for printing
Skills you’ll learn: Mark-making on wood, positive and negative space for printing, removing material waste, printing
Duration: 1 x Sunday, 11am-12.30pm
Next courses dates:
Sunday 13 December, 2020

Creative Induction: Chopping Board

Level: Beginners
What you’ll make: Chopping Board
Skills you’ll learn: How to use our Bandsaw, Chopsaw, Pillar Drill and Disc and Bobbin Sander
Duration: 1 x day workshop, 11am - 3.30pm
Next courses dates:
Sunday 6 December, 2020


Level: Beginners
What you’ll make: Plywood and Pine Planter
Skills you’ll learn: Biscuit joining, simple routing, drilling and screwing, plugging, mitre joinery, sanding & finishing
Duration: 2 x Sundays, 10am - 5pm
Next courses dates:
Sunday 17 January, 2021
Sunday 24 January, 2021

Day Introduction to Woodturning

Level: Beginners
What you’ll make: Small wooden bowl
Skills you’ll learn: Roughing out, shaping and tool control
Duration: 1 day workshop, 10am - 4.30pm
Next courses dates:
Sunday 20 December, 2020
Sunday 10 January, 2021
Sunday 7 February, 2021
Sunday 21 February, 2021