Studio member Paul Duterque is a furniture designer based at the workshop. Recently he shared a completed piece had been working on for a private client. Working mainly in metal and wood, Paul makes bespoke pieces commissioned by clients, from intricate light installations to the perfect display piece for a sunglasses afficionado.

Paul was approached by interior designers Design Haus Liberty to fabricate a bespoke bathroom mirror cabinet for an apartment based on a design by Ivana Stiborova. The cabinet is made of steel and wood with a mirror forming two half circle doors. The frame is illuminated by an LED light.

Paul constructed the curved metal structure by bending a 3m length of squared hollow steel into a circle. Inside the frame are steel shelves that have been cut to size  and welded within the circular frame. He then made and attached wooden hinged doors that would hold the mirror making a circle when closed.  Fitted within a channel in the steel circular frame sits a ribbon of LED lights with a translucent rubber light diffuser to soften the glow.

The circular structure was then taken to site and installed on the square steel frame which serves as an additional shelf below the mirror. The finished product is a modern yet classic piece of furniture, both elegant and functional. It acts as a centre piece for the bathroom.

Duterque Studio is based at Blackhorse Workshop and where the piece was made and constructed. Have a look at some more of Paul’s work here.