Evan Jerry is Studio Anansi

Finding the space, the time and the courage to start your own business or brand is never easy, at the workshop there are many members that have done just that, from making the jump from a full time office job to just spending a couple of days a week focusing and making, finding the confidence to make the leap.

At the time of writing we are in the middle of a pandemic, a time of uncertainty, fear and a loosened grip on what the future holds for us. Despite having to close our doors we are encouraged and heartened that some of our members have still been able to create.  One being our featured maker, Evan Jerry of Studio Anansi, talking to us from home, where else?

Studio Anansi is a design practice founded by Canadian-born Evan Jerry in 2017. He describes his practice as guided by a passion for art, architecture, craft and culture. Evan’s work features sculptural pieces, often of wood, they are stand out objects, exquisite to behold, encompassing texture and fine detailing, whilst being bold and imposing. But Evan was not always a maker, he began his career as an Interior Designer in Toronto. So how did he become a maker?

‘I always practiced my passion for fine arts, particularly sculpture. I worked for a prolific Canadian design firm in Toronto who were looking to expand into the furniture industry and the partners saw how intrigued I was in designing furniture and interior accessories. I went on to work together with the partners and creative director to establish furniture collections and pitching them to major manufactures, some of which have been produced.

‘I believe it was my art background that allowed me to excel in the position as I loved conveying a tactile quality in furniture through materials and form. Though I loved what I was doing, I was missing that hands on experience of making so when I moved to London to start my own practice, I decided that this was an important thing for me to include.’

Evan moved to London when his partner was offered a position in the city,  ‘I had always wanted to start my own practice and build my own designer/marker language, so when I came to London I decided to jump in and do it! Evan then started to research maker spaces that would be suitable for his practice.

‘I was looking for a space where I could work more hands with machinery and expand my knowledge in making when I found Blackhorse Workshop online. After doing my induction and using the workshop a few times I felt like I was where I belonged and decided to rent a studio space so I could have daily access to the workshop. My experience has been amazing and I have learnt so much. It is very challenging to find spaces like this in London so I feel very lucky.’

Evan finds influence and inpsiration from everywhere, particularly art, sculpture, architecture and nature. ‘Inspiration can come at any moment through the most unexpected of sources.’ Using these influences he is currently working on his first collection of interior objects.

‘These are all hand made from wood and have a very tactile quality to them. The collection sets the tone for the visual language I want to explore through my practice.’

Coming to the workshop has proved to be a significant time for Evan, where he has benefited from the support of staff and fellow members.  ‘My time at Blackhorse Workshop has been extremely influential to me. The energy is very positive and I could not have done what I did if it were not for the support and generosity of the skilled technicians and studio mates.’

Evan is currently finalising his current collection whilst creating new work, expanding his collection that will soon be presented to the world.

‘This will always remain the space where I officially started my practice and a space that supported me in learning, making mistakes and growing as a designer/maker.’

Studio Anansi has been featured in high profile publications including Interior Design Magazine, Wallpaper* Magazine, Azure, DesignMilk and Sight Unsceen.