Housewarming Residency

We are very excited to be partnering with Create London and the British Council this year for a 10-week residency, Housewarming, at Blackhorse Workshop. The aim of the residency is to host an artist/maker from a non-G8 country, bringing together international expertise with the creative communities in east London, as they set to work creating and making objects for the British Council’s new headquarters in Stratford. Also taking part and hosting will be Rabbits Road Press and Troy Town Pottery.

We are looking for an early to mid-career artist/maker from India with experience of creating site-specific works to set briefs and timescales. They will ideally have practice in sculpture and/or 3D design. We will be selecting the artist/makers together with Create and the British Council. The focus for the Blackhorse Workshop resident will be to create a sculptural lighting piece, intended for two 2-storey stairwells.


The selected resident artist will:

-Carry out research for their projects and develop ideas together with Blackhorse Workshop and Create
-Deliver public activities for groups of local residents, with support from us
-Produce designs and prototypes for the final object(s)
-Produce final object(s) with their hosts during the residency, or for larger projects agree a production schedule and method before the installation in August 2020
-Ensure this residency is their primary commitment during the residency period

The selected artist will receive a fee and stipend of £6,500
The production budget for the residency project is £7,500


The residency will run from 6th April – 29th May. Deadline for submissions is Monday 20th January 2020

Click here for timeline and application process information.