Health & Safety Inductions


Even if you’re a professional, we’ll need everyone to complete an induction before using the workshop to meet health and safety requirements. Please note that use of the workshop is at your own risk and you must only use the machinery that you have been inducted on.

The health and safety inductions assume that you are already familiar with the majority of the machinery; if you are just starting out, we recommend our “Introduction to…” and “Project” courses which spend more time on practicing skills and techniques.


Machine Shop Level 1: £35
Covers the safe use of our chopsaw, bandsaw, pillar drill & disc sander. This induction is compulsory if you would like to book a woodwork bench and use the Workshop. 
This induction allows you to use the tools covered in this session. You can also use hand tools and power tools after completing this induction although they are not covered in this session.
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Technical Handout

Machine Shop Level 2: £55
Covers the safe use of our table saw, planer & thicknesser. This induction is optional but must be completed if you would like to use any of these machines.
Before signing up for Level 2, please make sure you have: 

  • Completed Machine Shop Level 1  
  • Spent at least 3 days in the workshop, proving competence with the chop saw, bandsaw & pillar drill for This health and safety induction is a full day’s training for using the table saw, thicknesser & planer. Even if you have used these machines before we still need you to complete the induction, so we can feel confident that you won’t lose any fingers!  

Please email when you’re ready to book in for this. 

Technical Handout

Wood Lathe:
If you’ve turned before you can come to a supported turning session to check you’re happy with the equipment,  but you will need to complete a Machine Shop Level 1 (see above) to book lathes downstairs, so you can use the machines to prepare your blanks and get an overview of how the workshop works.  If you’re new to turning, you need to do the weekend introductory course.


All Levels: £55.00
Covers the safe use of key metalwork machinery and equipment specific to our workshop and the use of the MIG and Metal Arc Welders. Includes the correct and safe use of PPE and the welding area. This induction is compulsory if you would like to book a metalwork bench and use the Workshop.
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Technical Handout

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Under 18s using the workshop
Young people under 15 must be accompanied by an adult (who must have completed an induction), and must not use the machines. Those users aged 15-18 are able to use the lower risk machinery items after completing the Machine Shop Level 1 induction, excluding the chop saw which must be used under technician supervision.