Just for us

Blackhorse Workshop attracts a myriad collection of designers, makers and artists, including sign painter Archie Proudfoot.

Archie has been coming to Blackhorse as a metalwork member for almost three years where he has been using the metal workshop to create his work. Using the techniques and aesthetics of traditional signage, Archie creates bespoke signage for businesses across London, as well as personal pieces where he explores our relationship with language.

This month he presents his first solo exhibition ‘Just For Us’ at White Conduit Projects in Islington. Featuring his signature reverse-glass pieces, Archie will address what he has come to see as ‘our tragic romance with written language with work that explores the false intimacy that it creates.’

The glass panels are set into steel frames which Archie welded at Blackhorse. The panels are opulent, often gilded geometric letterforms that challenge us to rethink our relationship to a singular word and the emotional responses we have.

The show runs from 26th – 30th April and will include exclusive screen prints and collages. Don’t miss it!