Will Orton has been a member of the workshop for a few months, when not working as a producer in theatre or baking bread, he has been busy making a few bespoke pieces for his flat. ‘I did my Level 1 a couple of months ago and came to the workshop to make a horribly complicated shoe rack and then did my Level 2 induction with Toby, so I have used this project to gets lots of practice on the table saw and the router.’

Finding storage to fit in irregular spaces is tricky so Will took it upon himself to make some shelving to neatly fit into the gap under some stairs.

‘I have just moved into a new flat which has a mezzanine bed, with a ladder going up to the bed, but underneath there is a space which nothing fits into so I have built a bookcase that fits perfectly. It will hide my TV and I may even dance on it if I get bored!’

Will considers himself a hobbyist, although he has a interest in set building which he will get to experience a lot of at his new job at The Globe Theatre. The shoe rack was completed in four days, with a little help from his new found friends.

‘It’s been great here, everyone’s been really friendly, loads of people have helped out with this project, I’ve asked so may people for help and advice’ and reassuringly fellow members and staff have been very forthcoming with tips for Will.  We await with baited breath his next project at the workshop.

You can follow Will and his bread blog on Instagram.