L U C I N E – making reparations

Lucine Bassa resident maker using gold leaf
Lucine Bassa or L U C I N E has been our Studio Resident since January and she is about to present her new work as part of an exhibition at the Barbican called Re: Repair. A collection of 16 young artists producing work around the theme of Repair – ‘The collective have explored themes of repair across labour, institutional injustices, decolonisation, rest, ritual, connection and technology.’


Lucine Bassa, resident maker working on sculpture with gold leaf


For the past few months she has been working on her piece called ‘The circle of UBUNTU’ using sculpture, video and performance. She has been finishing her sculpture in the metal workshop, using a range of steel and scrap metal, and embellishing the piece with gold leaf. Below, L U C I N E describes her work:


‘The circle of UBUNTU’

Undo, redo. Delink, relink. Forfeit, reclaim.Repeat

The process of decolonisation or better yet decoloniality is not black or white nor static or fixed. It is ongoing, evergoing, nonstop overcoming. 

The Circle of UBUNTU is an exploration of the aftermath of colonisation. How can one reclaim and repair their decimated roots? What can nature teach us about the process? 

Through sculpture work, video, performance and sound L U C I N E seeks to understand their process of decolonisation as a form of repair. 

We are really excited for Lucine, and are thrilled she was able to benefit from this residency at the workshop.