MAKE YOUR MARK – Our New T-shirt Design

Earlier this year we put a call-out for a new t-shirt design to commemorate our 7th birthday and celebrate making. We are very pleased to announce the winner and share the chosen design with you.

‘Make Your Mark’ is a graphic logo by local designer Graham ‘Ren’ Renwick. Drawing influence from his design hero Neville Brody, REN focused on a bold typography with a positive message.

‘The workshop is a well-known, accessible hub to the local community of crafts-people and makers. The design should be harmonious with the existing brand ID of the workshop, as well as communicate that making is a ‘positive’ thing.’

Working as a Graphic Designer, Graham moved to Walthamstow from South Shields in 2001, where he now lives with his family just around the corner from the workshop.

‘In my youth, before I became a professional Graphic Designer, my art was inspired by music and street art. I’ve been away from work for over 2 years after being diagnosed with PTSD, this has given me the opportunity to revisit my art and use as therapy. My art originates from the streets and popular culture, I primarily work with spraypaint but use other mediums too under my pseudonym/tag REN.’

We have a limited run of 30 t-shirts available to buy from our shop, made from 100% Organic Cotton, the t-shirt is an off-white Stanley/Stella Creator, a sustainable manufacturer, and screen-printed by local supplier Fifth Column. Get one while you can!