Daniela Rubino

Design Studio

Daniela Rubino designs bespoke homeware and is a yoga instructor.

The premise of starting my business was to create small pieces of artwork, which are accessible to anyone. Throughout art school I worked with concrete. I have always been drawn to the material because of its high compressive strength, durability and industrial aesthetics. I wanted to project the idea of stability and support. I believe once you have some form of stability, support and structure this can provide the basis for progression, development and growth.

​Everything is made completely by hand using locally-sourced materials, my products fuse industrial elements with a personal touch. Due to the nature of the materials used, no two pieces are ever the same so my collections offer something unique, design-led and thoroughly authentic.

I am attracted to things that create solid structure and foundations that last. Alongside working with metal and concrete I find that teaching yoga provides this in the life and work of myself and my students. I pride myself on creating homeware that is solid, robust and built to last!