Laura Perryman

Colour, Trend & Material Expert

Anticipating what’s next is imperative for any company to stay ahead when working in industries where aesthetics and tactility is the first thing that consumers engage with. Laura has over 10 years experience as a colour and materials designer and insights and trends forecaster. Her ethos is that colour and aesthetics should be innovative, well considered but above all purposeful. Gathering inspiration from emerging technologies, new materials, consumer insights, Laura is a creative thinker in the field of colour, materials and design innovation. Working with companies she consults and helps navigate future opportunities as well as creating tangible and design solutions. In the past 10 years she has brought this specialist knowledge into play for brands as diverse and forward thinking as Nokia, 3M, DuPont Corian, Sainsbury’s and Panasonic Europe. Laura currently runs consultancy, Colour of Saying, which specialises in future forward design with colour and materials.

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