Oliver Kreitman

Designer, Maker

Oliver Kreitman is a freelance maker based in north London. He loves exploring how digital design can be used to make the most of physical media. This has included:

  • Using procedural geometry to mimic the architecture of seashells in papercraft lamps
  • Animating latex puppets using eyebrow-controlled servo motors and digital gyroscopes
  • CNC milling rock climbing handholds from hardwood
  • Writing code to generate non-circular clockwork gears for 3D printing
  • Inventing both physical and abstract puzzles for escape rooms


When not busy solving esoteric design challenges, Oliver also builds more traditional furniture from wood and metal. Even here, he uses computer aided design to obsessively plan every last curve and angle before crafting the finished product by hand.

If you’d like help with a digital/physical project or if you’re interested in commissioning a piece of Oliver’s furniture, please get in touch by email.