Sylva Ceramics Studio


Yanire’s chosen material for her ceramics are clay slabs. The frisson of creative excitement which comes from the interplay between her intention and clay as it is cut, shaped, dried and fired are what inspires her. When these forms are combined with colours suggestive of nature and ceramic history, the result is a piece that is both rustic and elegant. An epitome of a congenial social gathering.

“My pieces strive to express the beauty that comes from imperfect symmetry found in the natural world. For example, the beauty that comes about because humans are not geometrically perfect, fascinates me. Traces left by my fingers as I work on these objects are something I like to preserve. In some of my work I use embroidery to leave a trace – reminders of maternal and homemaking influences that I have grown up with. I conceive them as peaceful and harmonious objects, infused with values that I am drawn too. There is something very primitive about ceramics, the ability of creating a utensil out of earth is strong and poetic.”

Yanire Sylva Delgado is an Ecuadorian Artist settled in London. She studied Printmaking in Madrid, worked as a University Lecturer in Ecuador, and has an MA Arts, Book and Design from Essex University. Her latest passion is Ceramics which she currently practices from her Studio in Blackhorse Workshop E17. She is an active member of the Pottery Association.