Marquetry Mastery

Jack Relton.767x756


Blackhorse Member Jack Relton has been at it at again, with his signiture geometric designs. You may remember a post on the website we did in November 2016 about the tumbling tables he made for Crate Brewery – which you can read here – and this time, he has made these double wardrobes for  a client constructed from birch plywood, featuring geometric marquetry doors.


Jack Relton 2.767x756


“I made these double wardrobes using a geometric marquetry technique that I’ve been tinkering with for a few years. I’ve experimented with all sorts of raw materials: mild steel, reclaimed pallet slats, copper, brass, planed hardwoods. And I’ve tried out various processes: using jigsaws, chop saws and CNC machines; along with different concoctions of resins, fillers and oils.”



“I have found myself using birch ply for more and more projects. The rigidity and clean lines make it a pleasure to work with, and I like the light, airy tone of the wood. On past projects I used an assortment of wood species. The varied tones, hues and patterns created an interesting effect when arranged together. For this project, I have tried to recreate a subtler vertion of that variegation using just one material. I cut all the triangles from the sheet in the same orientation, so that the grain runs in one direction. When the pieces are then arranged into a repeating geometric pattern, the light catches the grain at different angles. Each triangle takes on a slightly different tone, giving the impression of depth and texture, and causes the doors to subtly shimmer as you walk across the room. The marquetry pieces were laser cut for this project. The slight charring from the laser along the cut lines creates the illusion of a fine shadow gap between the pieces.”


Jack Relton 3.767x756

Jack has most recently been working on a birch ply dressing table for another client, which, of course featured more geometric marquetry and we’ve seen glimpses of it in the Workshop and the shapes he has pulled are looking ‘on point’. You can keep up to date with Jack’s designs via his instagram account at @jack_relton_design.