Blackhorse Workshop was chosen to run The Agency as part of London Borough of Culture in 2019. The Agency is a programme to empower young people to create their own social enterprises that benefit their communities. Meet the agents behind the three projects chosen for funding: Non Stop Boxing, Ignite and Essence By Faith. Films created by Joyce Nicholls.

Non Stop Boxing is a boxing club aimed at diverting young people away from violence and from getting involved with knife crime. Tauheed has been running boxing sessions for young men in Waltham Forest.

Meet Dorea, Tori and Asiya from Ignite who, in response to the lack of real life skills taught in school, have initiated a programme of sessions for young people where they can learn everything from budgeting and finance, first aid trauma skills and ways to deal with conflict.

Here we see Faith, Rennique and Azrael from Essence By Faith introducing their natural hair care products and workshops for young black women.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for these talented young people.