New Designers One Year In – MESEME Studio

Meseme Studio - Riya Panchal

We are all about celebrating our members, and this week we are very pleased to share the news that Riya Panchal of MESEME Studio will be featured at New Designers One Year In 2022.

Born & raised in India and now based in London, Riya Panchal is an experienced lighting & object designer. With previous experiences in the field of decorative lighting and accessories, as well as a family background in engineering, Riya specialises in collaborating with craftsmen, to create products that harness longevity, elegance, and expressiveness. Inspired by both modern and traditional aesthetics & references, Riya produces intuitive and timeless pieces that leave a lasting impression.



Riya first came to the workshop as an assistant to one of our studio members, who also works in lighting. She then set up her own studio here to work on her own collection and launched MESEME in November 2021 with the ALMA Table Light  –  which won third place in the category of Top Ten KIT Decorative Lighting DARC Awards 2021.

She says, ‘I believe that lighting for me, means more than just illumination, allowing me to create objects of beauty that can be admired and touched and yet be useful and illuminate a space.’

Her newest collection – MARSHA – places emphasis on the importance and emotionality of colour in interior spaces. This newest collection, presented at New Designers OYI is called MARSHA, a new, modular family of lights; consisting of two styles of pendant lights in a series of configurations and a table lamp.

MARSHA Table Lamp - Meseme Studio

The MARSHA Collection is designed and assembled at her studio at Blackhorse Workshop. It is meticulously hand crafted through global
collaborations with glass-blowers from the Czech Republic; as well as metal-workers and finishers both from the UK and the western
parts of India, from Riya’s hometown – a wonderful way of giving back to her community.

‘The MARSHA Collection – is created to be a more robust assembly of fixtures, exploring varying configurations through simplified geometric qualities. With a growing urge to use colours in my designs, I chose to introduce a refreshing and vibrant colour palette to emphasise the significance of colour as an emotional stimulant and boosting our wellbeing.’

It is so wonderful to follow the journeys of our members, we look forward to seeing and sharing Riya’s future designs.

To view the collection, head to New Designers One Year In at the Business Design Centre in Islington. The collection will be on show from 6-9th July.

Instagram: @mesemestudio