Future Mosques

August 2018
Partners: Fatima Cates Academy

Co-developed with the school leaders from the Faitma Cates Academy and the Blackhorse Workshop team, the aim of the project was to get the students to think ‘deeply, responsibly and creatively about the mosques of the present and the future’. By exploring the history of the building of mosques in the past, the children (aged 8-16) were given the task of designing and building models of what they would like to include and how they think a ‘Future Mosque’ should look.

Working in teams, they sketched their ideas which were then used to make scale models from plywood and other materials. Over two days they worked with the workshop tools and machinery to build the structure and internal rooms. They then designed domes and minarets which were turned on the wooden lathe to create fantastic additions. Creativity was at its peak, the designs of the mosques ranged from the ‘funky mosque’ to a mosque with it’s own football pitch and a mosque with a rooftop garden.

The final results were then presented as part of the Open House weekend of events.