Riya Panchal – MESEME Studio

Resident member Riya Panchal is an emerging lighting & object designer with an accent of playfulness and an eye for details for all things aesthetically appealing and inspiring.

Born and raised in India, Riya has always been surrounded by a diverse culture of art and design and seeks inspiration from anything and everything. She believes in exploring the unknown potential of craft and material through her work. Belonging to a family of engineers and artists, she has from a very early age been influenced by both the mechanical workings of products and carefree expressionism. Using which she specialises in collaborating with craftsmen and specialists to bring to life intuitively designed pieces with precision and sophistication that create a memorable impression.

Riya first came to the workshop when she came to work with Marc Wood in September 2020. She studied Product Design at Bournemouth University, going on to complete a Masters in Product & Furniture Design at Kingston School of Art. It was here she developed ‘Caustica – A family of Wall Light Fixtures’, which was later awarded as LAMP 2020 – Student Pendant Lamp Winner in December 2020 in partnership with Design Milk.

After a year at Marc’s, Riya decided to pursue her lifelong dream and soon rented a studio space in Sept’21 and launched her design practice – MESEME Studio. A creative design studio dedicated to introducing intuitively designed and mesmerising lighting & objects for glamorous interiors. With fine quality materials, great finesse and longevity at the core, the products are designed to reimagine the classics for the contemporary and bring the feeling of newness, allowing the user to express themselves and elevate your interiors. Focusing on intricacy and aesthetics, each piece is skilfully crafted with great attention to detail, responsibly sourced and assembled with care in her studio space based at Blackhorse Workshop.

‘I’ve been at Blackhorse Workshop for just over a year and am very grateful for the supportive team and the community of makers and designers that reside here. It can be tough to start from scratch and pursue something of your own. I believe being amongst such a talented community helps me keep motivated and brings me the courage to be consistent about my initiatives. With a highly functioning workshop and ever helpful team of technicians & members, I feel at ease to develop my work and bring my imagination to existence.’


In October 2021, she exhibited at Herman Miller Showroom London in partnership with KSA MA Product & Furniture 2021, where she launched her debut collection Alma Table Light, handcrafted using brass, TIR lens, clear glass and integrated LED source. Alma offers a glare-free warm tone creating a rather calmer and soothing surrounding.

To mention a few, she is deeply inspired by the works of Gabriela Crespi – Milanese Designer, a genius in the world of design, who designed sophisticated yet unconventional pieces, with a warm, human, sensuous feel to it. And Ettore Sottsass – Italian architect and designer during the 20th century, whose style was defined by bright colour choices, statement pieces and decoration. Agreeing with one of the famous sayings by Ettore Sottsass, she believes that design is not only about functionalism but also making something sensual and exciting, something that would trigger a swirl of emotions.

‘I look forward to spending more time in the workshop in the coming year and focusing on designing & prototyping some additional products for the collection to launch in March 2022. I am also excited to work on an ongoing bespoke residential lighting project for the first quarter of 2022.’