Space Between Space

Adam Azmy, or Azmy Anything, is a bespoke design and furniture studio based at Blackhorse Workshop. Last year he showcased Moon – a handmade solid sphere mapped with the surface of the moon, held on a steam-bent frame which illuminates the surface of the moon as it turns. Next week he will be presenting ‘Space Between Space‘ – a collection of five pieces that centre around a NASA-inspired theme, at ONE YEAR IN – part of the New Designers show at the Business Design Centre.

As well as Adam’s signature globes – Moon, Mini Moon, and Jupiter – all of which demonstrate Adam’s meticulous attention to detail, he will also be presenting two furniture pieces.  A record cabinet that has door-opening mechanics inspired by the unfurling of satellite solar arrays, and a drinks cabinet with a door design based on the titanium chevrons used in the Lunar Rover’s innovative mesh tyre design. It has a sliding pulley ratio system making it lighter to open, the cabinet rises as the door lowers revealing the contents.

The designs stem from Adam’s childhood fascination with retro futurism and a love for “making things almost too complicated”. He consults with clients to understand what they need the objects to do and then he finds the best way to incorporate interesting design features that transform it into more than a purely functional piece.

You can catch the collection at the Business Design Centre from July 4-7.