The Xylophone Sessions

POST_Xylophone 03

Frankly you can’t get much better than seeing as happy a face as this! We had a great time at the Barbican’s Walthamstow Garden Party this weekend. Camping out in the Useful & Beautiful tent with the help of a band of volunteers we  helped 200 kids make xylophones, made from American Oak with a steel powder coated handle.

POST_Useful & Beautiful signage

Giant A-Board Signage made at Blackhorse HQ by sign writer Sean Thomas, using a William Morris inspired pattern with a fluro edge!

POST_Xylophone 02

And as evidenced by the number of adults making them too – xylophones aren’t just for kids! Everyone who passed stopped for a quick scrape of the keys!

POST_Xylophone 04

And if you missed out, then don’t worry. Due to popular demand we’ll be making them again at our next market day : Saturday 1st August, 2 – 5pm.

POST_Xylophone 05