We are very excited to have Jamie Hammill in residence with us here at the workshop for the next 3 months!

Jamie Hammill is an artist from Macclesfield (UK), currently based in Waltham Forest, London.
He studied at Newcastle University and The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.

Jamie predominately makes sculptures, videos and songs. At present, his art practice is maybe preoccupied with feelings of wrongness. Recently, he has been investigating processes of craft, and a ‘wrong’ approach to their productions. Things are regularly distorted, spliced, stretched, or unraveled; hoping to unpick and question the perceived values found within an object or material’s associations. He thinks about ‘wrongnesses’ situated within a variety of locations: socio-political situation, self-critique, bad feelings, and broken things.

He is hoping to use the residency to further push and experiment with his understanding of craft and furniture-making techniques. He would like to learn how to properly dovetail, braze brass, and pick up whatever knowledge he can from the community of makers at Blackhorse Workshop.