We’re back! With New Inductions and Membership Starter Pack

We’re back and with a brand new look! From tomorrow we’ll be re-starting up our induction programme with our Machine Shop: Level 1,  accompanied by a rather snazzy new information pack outlining all you need to know to get started.

We’re also launching the first in our range of practice kits (£30), giving you all the material components, and step by step instructions to come back and  build your own plywood and oak stool, side table or plant stand – depending on your need! These kits have been especially designed by our technicians to enable you to practice different skills learnt during our induction programme.

It can be daunting to know where to begin, so these starter kits will take away that dilemma, building your confidence using the machinery, and giving you ideas to develop your own designs to take forward. Purchase a kit from our reception, and book a bench to come back and put your new found skills to the test!

Book an Induction

Practice Kits are priced £30, and are available for Hand tools, Power tools and Machine Shop: Level 1. Available from reception.

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